Destination Wedding Photography

Shooting weddings comes naturally to Chirag. “I’m interested in capturing the chemistry between a couple, the love story.” And thanks to his years of experience, Chirag knows where to point his camera. “I know instinctually when something is going to happen,” he laughs. “I can predict the moment before it comes. I counted once, I shot over 57,000 images in one year! That’s how you learn to be at the right place at the right time.”

 Chirag favours a spontaneous approach, and he’s been known to take advantage of whatever the environment offers up when it comes to getting a great shot. “In Old Montreal, maybe you’ll have a busload of tourists, and I’ll tell the bride and groom, quick let’s get on that bus!” It doesn’t always produce a perfect picture, but it almost always leads to a few genuine laughs.

“My whole idea is that working with me should be fun.”